My Robbie Bobby

Crew profile

Manuel Bataglia: Captain

Manuel comes from a sea faring family. He is the son of Captain Gino Battaglia, the President of the Italian Yacht Masters Association. Manuel is respected for having high standards in crew management and training, for his relevant naval experience and his strong determination.

Captain Manuel has worked in the yachting industry since he was 14 years old and the sea and service to those who sail upon it has been his passion. His first experience on board was working as a deckhand while studying to become a Merchant Navy Master Mariner. Having gained experience on big yachts such as Kermit (50mt), Force Blue (65mt) and King K (45mt), Manuel graduated the Italian Nautical Institute to fulfill his desire to get his career to the highest standards. After 12 years of working his way up the ranks as Chief Mate Officer on Lady Lola (64mt), Ester 2 (52mt), Sokar (62mt) and also on the sailing yacht Jasali II (54mt), Manuel took the helm as Captain of the 27mt Ferretti yacht called “Bimba A” to follow the refit of the boat in the shipyard and finally to cruise with the owners along the Tuscany coast.

Another challenge came with that of taking the Captain position on “Alaska of Georgetown” (44mt) where Manuel worked for a very important Russian businessman and his family, sailing along Sardinia, Corsica and the Gulf of Naples. After nearly two years Manuel joined ROBBIE BOBBY team ahead of a challenging refit project that included a complete sundeck new construction with a new jacuzzi and modification of the main mast. Following the refit, Manuel is happy to welcome his guests on board and help them enjoy wonderful moments while sailing to amazing destinations.

Daniele Tortora: Chef

Daniele is a very passionate Chef, he loves to transfer the emotions through the taste of his dishes. He says: “ I love to take inspiration from the fragrance of my handmade bread or from the perfume of a fresh strawberry ” genuine traditional taste and at the same time gourmet cuisine.

Daniele worked in the team of Heinz Beck, the Chef that achieved three stars and five forks from Michelin and 95/100 in the scale from “Gambero Rosso” at the most famous restaurant in Rome “La Pergola” that has become a temple of international gastronomy under his guidance. “An artist is anybody who does something well, like if you cook well”, Daniele also attended “Gambero Rosso” school with the high score of 91/100 and also a full time advanced gluten-free course with Executive Chef Davide Mazza.

His mother shared with him her passion for cooking since he was very young. With a long family tradition of Captains and seamen, Daniele managed to mix his two passions. He carried on studying at the Hotel professional school and at the same time working in hotels in Italy and abroad, until he achieved to work in luxury Grand Hotels, where he could mastered a preparation at 360 degrees. Daniele is also a dedicated bartender, he adores been a Yacht Chef and will never leave this industry. He loves traveling and working with people from different cultures to always learn and grow up.

Luys Maftei: Chief Stewardess

Luys was born in a small county town in the north east of Romania. She grew up in the middle of traditions and nature but with the passing of time her curiosity and love for traveling pushed her to leave her native country and move to Italy. Few years in hosting and service in different restaurants and bars on the coast of the beautiful Liguria, Italy, her new passion, which is the sea, made her look for a job in the yachting industry. After her first experience on a 23m she has been worked on vessels ranging from 43m to 74m in length and traveled extensively in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

As she wanted to improve her skills, in 2011 she took the Silver Service course at Blue Water in Antibes and in 2016 she has completed the Yacht Interior crew Master Class International Protocol and Etiquette by Yacht Club of Monaco. Her ambition is to provide all guests with a unique and memorable time on board M/Y ROBBIE BOBBY, giving them a high standard service.

Sonia Urbano: Stewardess

Sonia attended the hotel management school - tourism sector and being Italian she has a genuine strong passion for the sea. For this reason she started working on various yachts and superyachts where she has gained huge experience in dealing with owners and charter guests. She loves her job because it allows her to meet people of different nationalities and cultures and to bring her experience and knowledge to help them enjoy their time on board.

She is happy to be on M/Y ROBBIE BOBBY a boat that gets excited by beautiful people from all around the world. For Sonia the best way to wake up in the morning is to look at the sea and get the best out of each charter experience. She likes to constantly learn new things, and to explore and discover new places.

Ante Vidic: Chief Engineer

Ante was born in 1974 in Zadar, Croatia and from his earliest ages he acquired an amazing love for the sea and boats and so he started working on big merchant ships. After finishing the Nautical School - Engineering department in Zadar, he started his career as apprentice engineer and continued later on as 2nd Engineer Officer on merchant navy ships until 2017 when finally he decided to move to yachting, bringing together the love for the sea and the acquired knowledge from the big cargo industry.

Ante is a very calm, professional, highly experienced Chief Engineer and able seaman who brings a huge value to the Robbie Bobby team. His hobbies are playing basketball with friends and enjoying quality time with his family.

Wilmer Manalo, Tender Driver

Wilmer is a native of the Philippine Islands and has been in the yachting industry since 1999, constantly looking to enrich his experience and aiming for new challenges. He has served various yacht Owners and Charters on boats ranging from 24m up to 68m length. He skippered a 20m yacht in 2017 and has been on various types of tenders, where the safety of the guests constantly remained his main priority. Wilmer manages the deck department to the highest level of standard in the industry.

While on board of ROBBIE BOBBY Wilmer will be driving the Axopar cabin 28 that will allow guests on board to explore islands and get on shore safe at a 45 knots speed. His hobbies are spending time with his two beautiful daughters and a lovely wife while exploring new places with them.

Sime Curkovic, Deckhand

Sime was born in 1986 in Zadar, Croatia. During his first experiences he was deckhand and tender driver for exclusive cruise ships in Croatia, finally in 2017 he decided to move abroad to start on yachting and he has worked on a very busy charter yacht like “Cedar Sea” (65mt).

He has a happy personality and is one crew member that can be relied on since he remains in control of the situation all the time and gets the job done with the minimum of fuss. While onboard ROBBIE BOBBY, he is in charge of the deck and organizes all the water toys for the guests because he’s a very physically active and sporty person. Sime will also be in charge of the cleaning and to make sure that all the deck areas are well organized. His hobbies are playing tennis, basketball or football with his friends.